Evaluate a Case Study Using Your Code of Ethics

Evaluate a Case Study Using Your Code of Ethics

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Case 1.1 p.73

  • Rae, Scott B. and Wong, Kenman L. (2012) Beyond Integrity, 3rd edition. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. (ISBN 9780310291107)


Company layoffs


  1. Layoffs are confidential, not released for another 3 weeks.
  2. Manager is close to one particular employee, whose families are close to one another
  3. Employee who is a friend has another job offer, does not know if he is to be laid off, and asks manager for advice. John Needs to provide an answer in a week.


1 Evaluate a Case Study Using Your Code of Ethics – 50 points

State the Business practice in question – “Is it ethical to …”

Is is ethical for the manager to give his friend future knowledge of that friend’s layoff?

  • Define the issue and establish the facts

Manager and Employee are good friends, whose families are very close.

The layoff list does not come out for another three weeks, and friend is an employee on the list.

Employee has three kids and a baby on the way. Employee has a prospective job offer, but must offer within a week.

Friend would like Manager to disclose if his name is on the list. Failure to do this could put friend and family in an unstable position. Doing this would be a direct violation of his company’s policy and would most likely end in termination or demotion, at the very least.

  • Explain / Demonstrate Understanding of Various Dynamics:
    • Existing Laws / Standards
    • Principles (whether Biblical or Social)
    • Cultural Uniqueness

Consideration of Outcomes / Impact – define what you perceive will be the impact and effects on others rights with different choices or options

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