Evaluation of Hardware Tools and Software Tools

Evaluation of Hardware Tools and Software Tools

Evaluation of Hardware Tools and Software Tools (Objectives 1,2) Attention: two parts to this assignment.

Part 1. Software Tools on Handheld Computers 
Read this article about Handhelds in the Classroom.
Browse the following sites to locate a lesson plan or activity for using handheld computers in the classroom. Cite the lesson plan or activity and write a 150-word description of it.


Part 2. Electronic grade books
Use an electronic grade book program at one of the websites listed below to create a class of 4-6 students. Enter grades for 3-5 assignments, and try the other features of the program such as seating chart, reporting, and graphs.

Write 150 words on the grade book you chose and why you liked or did not like it. 

Answer preview………..

To create a document on a PDA, the student needs to start up the program, select program from the start button and then click the word. The student can now create notes on the application by writing the information that he or she intends to make, the click edit at the bottom of the interface to make some editing as it may seem necessary. This information can also be changed to other formats, and it may remain as default handwritten. From the dialog box that appears the student may save the document with a name that will remove ambiguity especially when the task is an assignment. The notes made can then be beamed using an infrared by only holding still the document, and a dialog box will appear with sending option, then pick infrared. To transfer data from computer to PDA there require an installation of ActiveSync program that allows the laptop to connect with PDA and create an interface that allows data manipulation from the device. PDA can as well read the e-book by logins conventional to internet surfing (paperlessclassroom.org)..

 APA 394 words

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