Executive Interview & Analysis

Executive Interview & Analysis Paper

This assignment requires you to conduct a semi-structured interview with a chosen executive and write an 8-10 page paper that summarizes your findings. Your chosen executive should have strategic decision-making responsibilities for a unit, division, department, or work team, or one who executes such duties within the organization. Ideally, your interviewee should be an executive-level manager in the organization, have been in such a leadership role for at least one year, and have P & L responsibility (or budgetary responsibility for non-profit organizations). The interview will seek to understand the executive’s approach to assessing his/her work unit’s performance (team, department, division, organization, etc.) through alignment of organization design dimensions (structure, job design, human resource systems, management style, etc.) and the operating environment. The interview will seek to uncover the executive’s priorities concerning organizational diagnosis or assessment through addressing questions such as: What are the critical drivers of his/her work unit’s performance?; How are changes in the operating environment monitored?; and What are the most significant challenges associated with maintaining alignment across organization design elements?

i want the format to be done proparly too and please need work to be done by due date, becuase i need to add more to it and thanks.

i need the work to be done by Friday , March 27 – 2015, 11:00 am by california time

i conducted an interviwe and did the analysis so what i need is:

1- Correct grammar / spilling mistakes (major problem)

2- There is a lot of word repetition that need to be fixed

3- Add a brief summary about everything in one paragraph at the end

4- no plagiarism / turnit in homework

5- Add resources / references from two books: ( one or two refrance per pargraph)

Organizational Theory & Design – Richard Daft – 11e

The Leadership Challenge –Kouzes & Posner – 5th edition

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