Executive Summary

Executive Summary

You currently work as a marketing coordinator for New City Home Care, a private home health company that offers nursing care and therapy services to the elderly residents of a medium-sized Midwestern city with a population of about 55,000 people. The neighboring town, about 10 miles away, has a much smaller population, but as the population ages, this town is seeing an increase in retirees. The chief executive officer (CEO) of New City Home Care has decided that it would be beneficial to expand into this town by opening a satellite office. She is eager to be the first home health company to open a physical office in this new territory and has tasked you with developing a marketing plan. You have been asked to provide an Executive Summary of the marketing plan to the management team.

The Executive Summary needs to explain how the following will be used in your team’s marketing plan:

  • The company’s historical resident trends and current strategic plan
  • Demographic data
  • Quality standards
  • Marketplace analysis, including competition
  • Models and best practices for reaching the target audience
  • Developing recommendations to ensure alignment with company strategy
  • Writing the plan and setting expectations
  • Implementing the plan and proven best practices for implementation
  • Tools for evaluating and adapting the plan

The summary should be 6 pages, not including title page and reference page, and include references published in the last 5 years. Use of APA formatting is required.

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The institution is a private company that offers therapy to the elderly people in the medium-sized Midwestern city. The focus is to ensure there is meeting the needs of the elderly as the number of the retirees continues to increase in the economy. The focus of the institution is to offer affordable care and ensure there is increase in coverage. The assessment of the different crisis is important as this means there is increase in the popularization of the media and the analysis of the different sectors that are meant to ensure there is focus on the role of the………….

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