Executive summary

The executive summary needs to be a page long or close to it. The writing format is APA.

executive summary

It is time to finalize your project. You will need to create the executive summary for your marketing plan. The executive summary is a short synopsis telling a bit about your company, your product and what key points your marketing plan covers, and the resources you will use to accomplish your plan. You may want to look at the marketing plan on page 60 in your textbook for an example. This executive summary will actually be placed at the beginning of your marketing plan.

You will need to take all the revised pieces of your marketing plan and combine them into one document that includes your executive summary

i have my other assigments. My product is called Covered.

My company name is Arimount.

Arimount, a well-known beauty and grooming company wants to launch a new deodorant product. The company’s development and research department has created a new chemical that will allow deodorants to work for up to 5 days—even after showering. Arimount has been in the hygiene market for 20 years with an average return on investment. They would like to top the market share with this innovative product





preview of the answer..

Beauty and grooming are important facets of every human being. Everyone in the society likes being presentable around his or her peers. It is this character of human beings that has kept the Arimount Company in business for close to over two decades. Were it not for the human nature of liking to be presentable, there would be no market share for which the company would be making marketing plan to partition. Covered is one of the many products made by the company. The only exception Covered has when compared to other products is that it is more new in the market than the other products have been. Covered seeks to provide a lasting solution that has for a long period been sought by the various deodorants ….

300 words APA

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