Experience of Stress in Parents of Children with ADHD

Research Article Critique

Journal: Experience of Stress in Parents of Children with ADHD:

( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6853214/


Assignment 1: Critique of a Research Article, Due 5/17

Prior to the end of week two, locate, read, and submit to your instructor at least one article from a professional journal (not a magazine, newspaper, or website) that reports on findings from a study about families with K-12 aged (or a subgroup of that age range) students with disabilities.

(Failure to meet this requirement will result in an automatic grade of zero for the assignment).

The article may report on an experiment, such as an assessment of parenting skills, provision of a parent training program, and reassessment of the parents’ skills, or it may report on parents’ (or other family members’) perceptions of the effectiveness of a program or service, or of the impact the student with a disability has had on the family. The article must be about families of school-age children withdisabilities (note title of course).

Part I:

  1. Create the APA citation of the article.
  2. Write a brief summary of the article which includes the following details: – Nature of the problem or research question (What did they want to learn more about and why?), – Description of the children and their families (Ages, types of disabilities, gender, ethnicity, etc.) – Description of the study

(What information did they collect about the student and/or their families before they started the experiment, and then what did they do with the student and/or their families to affect change?) (One to two paragraphs) – Results and conclusions (Did the student’s behavior and/or performance or the parents’ skills or perceptions change, and in the direction anticipated by the authors? What limitations, if any, did the authors identify? What do the authors suggest for future research?)

Required format for the summary:

Part I: Summary

Article Citation, in APA format

Research question(s): (What did they want to learn more about and why?)


Subjects: (Ages, types of disabilities, gender, ethnicity, etc.)


Setting: (e.g., school, preschool center, homes, etc.)


Methods: (What information did they collect about the parent(s)/families and/or students before they started and during the intervention and how— what assessment instruments did they use, under what conditions? What did they do with the subjects to try to affect change?)


Results: (What were the measurable outcomes?)


Author’s/Authors-identified limitations of the study

(Did the author(s) identify anything that they felt may have negatively

affected the outcomes of the study? [Use “N/A” if the authors did not

include this information in their article.]


Author’s/Authors’ Conclusions & Recommendations:

(Did the subjects’ behavior and/or performance change in the direction

anticipated by the author(s)? Why do they think that happened? What

do the authors suggest for future research?)


NOTE: You must include each of these sections. You can use bullets instead of complete sentences in this portion of the assignment if you use the table format (Parts II-IV must be in complete sentences).

Remember to delete the “hints” in the Response column. Cite your source(s) in each box, including a page number if you are using the author’s words.)

Part II: Evaluation of the Study

An evaluation of the study should answer questions such as: What parts of the study seemed to be particularly well done/effective, and what parts might have benefited from a different approach or additional information? Were the results significant, do their conclusions seem appropriate?

Part III: Evaluation of the Article

The evaluation of the article itself should answer questions such as: Was there sufficient information about the subjects, the research, the experiment, etc.? Was it well written or were there parts that wereconfusing? Did the authors’ conclusions and suggestions for future research make sense?

Part IV: Conclusion

The conclusion should answer questions such as: What did you learn from reading this article? How would the information in this study help a teacher or other professional work with the families of children with disabilities? How could the information be used to help you work with English Language Learners who also have disabilities and their families? How would you improve or extend this research


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