Experiment designs

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> Imagine you were conducting research on the relationship between academic
> performance (e.g., better grades) and different levels of loudness of music
> (interval scale) while studying.
>    – How would you design the study using a correlational design?
>    – How would you design the study using a quasi-experimental design?
>    – How would you design the study using an experimental design?




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Education is what one can actually recall after having been taught something. In the least sense there has been noted that there is some level of correlation in term of academic performance in relation to mental performance. A correlational study determines whether or not two variables are correlated. This means to study whether an increase or decrease in one variable corresponds to an increase or decrease in the other variable. This form of research requires a body of data that is actually quite detailed. Concerning the subject matter at hand which is relationship between loud music and performance the best approach would be to carryout a survey and roll out questionnaires with the main focus being the subject matter. While a it the questionnaires would …

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