explain how the doctrine of the mean works for Aristotle’s twelve virtues

Virtue Ethics

Virtue Ethics

Required reading: Introduction to Virtue Ethics

Required reading: More on Virtue Theory

Recommended Reading: Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle

Watch this video on Aristotle’s Virtue Theory




Watch this video on phronesis or practical wisdom


In 500 words or more (no less), explain how the doctrine of the mean works for Aristotle’s twelve virtues (not including the intellectual virtues). You may use examples, but you will still need to include a full scholarly definition of each, with commentary. You may use any scholarly source other than a dictionary, to include online video lectures. You may use Wikipedia as a starting point, but be aware that Wikipedia is not a scholarly source and therefore can never be quoted in your paper or counted as 1 of your 5 bibliographic citations. You will need to include inline citations in your essay (last name, date, pg#) and must still cite any sources beyond the five required that you use to write your paper in the references section of your essay. If you include an inline citation, there must be a corresponding entry in the reference list or bibliography. You can find tools and examples of APA citation formats at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

**you may use required readings as part of your bibliographic references, but you may not use the linked videos**


Online students – your assignment is due by Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. EST
On-ground students – your instructor will provide you with the due date.

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