Choose one of the concepts that you explained on page three of learning block 5-3.

Explaining a Concept

Choose one of the concepts that you explained on page three of learning block 5-3. Post your explanation to this discussion along with a brief introductory paragraph to give your classmates some background information.

In response to your peers, choose an explanation of a concept that you do not understand. Add value to the discussion by sharing what was confusing or needed more defined clarification.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

I choose cultural factors and how they affect the treatment of diseases within the society

Peer 1

The social science issue that I have selected to research is Media & Technology. I will specifically be focusing on the affects of media on our mental health. I will be researching if the development of media has caused a negative impact to our mental health. I am interested in this because as many others, I grew up in a world where media and technology was advancing at an extreme pace. I am very curious to see what the effects of this was on those in my age group. I believe that the best audience for this research would be young adults. I believe I can tailor my message to an audience of young adults by discussing aspects of media that they can relate to. Some of these would include social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, the video game industry, and of course popular television and film. By discussing these different forms of media and technology I think I will be able to help my audience understand what my message is in my presentation. I will want to make sure I don’t use scientific terminology because a large majority of my audience will not understand what I am saying. By relating to them with topics they understand, I can explain my research with terms and examples that they can understand.


Answer Preview……………..

Different cultural factors have a significant impact on individual health. This is because they influence the type of food eaten, the type of lifestyle, the frequency of going to the healthcare centers, the knowledge of a person regarding the importance of frequent check-ups, and others. In the past decades, cultural factors have been significant hindrances when it comes to the treatment of various diseases. Some cultures hold the belief that natural concoctions are better than modern interventions against multiple maladies. In some societies, people believe that taking medicines cannot cure various diseases; this way, they prefer seeking divine intervention…………….

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