Explore the complexities of the term Black Literature

Explore the complexities of the term Black Literature

Choose ONLY ONE in section B

Section A
1. Explore the complexities of the term "Black Literature", and discuss how they,
critically,engage varied social experiences, literary traditions, canons, racial
and cultural politics. Black Study 126M.

Section B Choose ONLY ONE in section B
2. With attention to each story's social milieu, examine the relationships between
racism, family, violence and Black masculinity in Going to Meet the
Man and Sometimes, a Motherless Child.
3. Analyze, with focus on subtleties, the critical significance of gender, childhood,
community, coming-of-age and unnamed protagonists in The Hammer Man and No
Beating Like Dis One.
4. Discuss how the narrative threads of Red Hot Peppers with regard to forms of
inequities, violations, and resistance, pose questions about identities, class, social
and power relations.

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