Exploring Website Coding Practices


  • From the e-Activity, describe what you learned about the Website that you selected by looking at the source code. Analyze the different components of the Website such as the version of HTML that was used, comment tags, and if the head elements were marked, what type of information they contained.
  • From the e-Activity, describe any comments viewed. Determine whether or not they were necessary. Explain how comments should be added into a Web page and provide at least three examples of when comments are appropriate or necessary.
  • 350 words
  • refs n cite
  • just make up what is needed



preview of the answer..

The website that was selected is involved in advertising for corporate. The programming statements in that particular website indicate that the activities that take place in it are promotions of various products from different corporate organizations. The Hypertext Markup Languages (HTML) which were on the website were the <acronym> and <address>. The acronym was for displaying acronyms and abbreviations (Kennedy, 2012). When dealing with …

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