Extra Credit Opinion Essay

Extra Credit Opinion Essay

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This is your first extra credit opinion essay. This assignment is a 2 page paper, on any topic in the course that made you think, feel or otherwise react to. It can be a rant over some injustice or a rant over something you didn’t want to hear. You MUST use proper spelling and grammar and it must be typed. If you use any resources for the paper they must be properly cited, including your textbook! Once this closes this extra credit opportunity goes away!

This essay is worth up to 5 points.

Use of of the topics your wrote about since the course started.

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Extra Credit Opinion Essay

The issue that surprised me in this course is the fact that social inequality is inevitable; this is an issue which has been there in both developing and developed nations. The worst part of it is that the rich live on expenses of the poor. Furthermore, for those who become rich continue to with this trend, and the same case is valid with the poor. There is nothing which the government has done to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. Furthermore, despite various studies and pieces of evidence describing how this gap could be bridged, the relevant bodies keep on ignoring this issue…………….

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