Family History essay

Family History essay


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Some information of this assignment:

Interviews: Joseph Law, father

Birth date: around 1960 – 1965

Location: Hong Kong

Background: my families are living in Hong Kong now, but the past generations were living in Guangdong, China

All information above you have to put it in the essay, other stuff you can create by yourself; but make sure those are related to the Hong Kong/Chinese culture.


Answer Preview…………….

After an interview with my father, I have come to understand my family history quite well. I was born in Hong Kong in 1993. My father; Joseph Law was born around 1965 in Guangdong China but was forced to migrate to Hong Kong to look for employment after he finished his education. My father was the first born son in his family and after completing his studies was forced to move to Hong Kong to look for employment to support his younger brother……………….

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