Family Law

Family Law

As a starting point for the discussion, define what child support is in your own words. What is the public policy behind the concept of child support? What societal issues are addressed with the process of awarding child custody? What is the purpose of state guidelines in the custody context? If guidelines are in place, why should a court deviate from them, and in what circumstances do you think it is appropriate and necessary to do so?

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When a parent does not have the legal custody of their child, they contribute to the cost and expenses of raising their child after a divorce. The payment is referred to as child support. It comes as a result of divorce between parents. The noncustodial parent irrespective of sex is usually supposed to pay child support. In the case of joint custody, there usually is no noncustodial parent hence all parents are custodial (George, Miles, &Harris-Short, 2015). However, in joint custody, the parent with a higher income is required to pay child support. It is at times disregarded if both parents can prove equal contribution to the child’s welfare and needs.

In the society irresponsibility and negligence of parental duties can be solved by child support. This has proven to be a big problem especially when one parent doesn’t in any way…

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