The Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation


Find a law enforcement agency or public security organization for which you would
consider working.
For that employer:
1) what is the agency / organization – describe it in detail (public / private; if government,
at what level of government; what responsibilities and duties does this employer fulfill;
does the employer have the fiscal resources to fulfill those duties and what is their source
of funding; do they work with other agencies / organizations to achieve their mission;
etc.); what is the mission statement of the agency / organization; how many employees
does this agency normally have?
2) identify the entry level position that you would seek with this employer
2) what are the requirements of the position?
 physical (requirements for entry into either the position or any training academy /
 educational (minimum education for new employees into this position)
 is there any civil service or other entry examination requirement
 any other related barriers and criteria (race, gender, religion, experience, knowedge,
citizenship, residence, etc.)
The idea of the assignment is that you understand the scope and role of the agency /
organization and critically assess your eligibility and ability to seek this position during or
after your college education.
The assignment shall be submitted in APA format and be a minimum of five pages
(cover, three pages of text, references).

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Answer Preview………….

Introduction. The United States of America has several law enforcement agencies that have various jurisdictions. One of the law enforcement agencies is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which as called the Bureau of Investigation (FOI) at its inception (Kessler, 2016). The FBI is a body that deals with domestic law enforcement issues at the federal level. It collects intelligence to be acted upon and also offers security to the United States. The FBI is the main federal law enforcement agency in the country, and it works under the Department of Justice as well as the U.S. Intelligence Community (Welcome to, 2016). Therefore, the agency reports to the office of the Attorney General of the country as well as the Director of National Intelligence.  The FBI is the primary counterterrorism, criminal investigation, and counterintelligence organization. Vision and Mission. The FBI has a vision as well as mission statements that guide it in its work. The vision of the organization is to be ahead of the threats that the country faces via good leadership, integration as well as agility. Therefore, the organization uses the intelligence it collects in………

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