Fictional character analysis

Fictional character analysis

Can you please help me with this (See attachment)? I would need about 10 pages.

After you check attachment you will see that it is about my work with fictional character. Before you start I would need to ok character. It can and should be from current TV season or book.

-prepare synopsis of character; -describe relationship with character;-beginning, middle and end; assessment, not a lot just couple of sentences;-how to do supervision;-ethical issues if some develop;-how i would do therapy;-reference 3 theory and 3 article

character analysis fictional

Please pay attention to the attachemnt and instruction provided in the message.

Please don’t forget to let me know prior you start working on assignment what fictional character you would like to use

Answer Preview…………….

Therapy has been highlighted in many cases as an effective means of dealing with mental health and allowing a better life. Specifically, films dealing with stressful mental issues provide characters who present varying symptoms which can be assessed and treatment performed using therapy. In this analysis, the fictional character Walter White starring in Breaking Bad is assessed and treated using a therapeutic approach. The effective treatment of a psychology client……………..


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