Field Experience Observation Report # 4

Field Experience Observation Report # 4

Assignment: Field Experience Observation Report # 4

For this assignment you are asked to reflect on the following questions using the module and assigned readings as supporting evidence:

  • What assessment practices are you observing in your host classroom (or have you learned about from the teacher you have been interviewing) that reflect the topics discussed in this module?
  • What practices are you not observing (what is missing)?
  • High School English – all levels and type of classes (advanced, regular regents, collaborative)
  • Observed at Valley Central High School in Montgomery, NY

Attached is the past 3 and proposal of the topic. I am also attaching the “bad” version of the assignment #4 please look at it, revise it or redo it. I got a 0 on it from another fake tutor . This needs to be done asap as the semester ends today.


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