film analysis discussion/ 2 complete paragraph

film analysis discussion/ 2 complete paragraph

You do not need to respond to all the readings for a given class, as long as your comments reveal a strong and in-depth reading of one of the texts. Commenting on two texts for a particular class is considered one post.

In approximately two paragraphs, cover some of the following:

  1. What is the main or central argument?
  2. How does the author make this argument? (Working through specific examples, and/or other authors and their terms and concepts?)
  3. What are the key terms, concepts, or distinctions used in this argument?
  4. In what ways is/are the argument/s or particular claim/s surprising, counterintuitive, or perhaps even problematic?
  5. How might we see parallels to contemporary examples or issues?
  6. In what ways might the author’s claims require a reexamination or response?

film: Bicycle Thieves / Ladri di biciclette (Vittorio De Sica, Italy, 1948), 89 min.

2 complete paragraph (450 words)

 film analysis  Film101 Bicycle Thieves / Ladri di biciclette

Answer Preview…………….

Cesare Zavattini, in the article A thesis on neo-realism, argues that neo-realistic cinema is used in Italy to allow people to connect with nature through the creative presentation of ideas in the film. The author references older arguments present examples of anecdotes, and also uses rhetorical questions to portray his argument. For instance, he talks about his encounter with an American director and the story of filming a plane the American and Italian way. This is an…………………..

APA 520 words

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