Film Analysis of Gattaca using Lewontin’s “All in the Genes”

Film Analysis of Gattaca using Lewontin’s “All in the Genes”

For this culminating assignment of module 12, you are going to write a 2 page critical analysis of Gattaca. Using Lewontin’s “All in the Genes?” as your guide, please analyze the ways in which the film depicts a possible new eugenics future for our society. Your paper should contain:

  • an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic.
  • an summarization and analysis of Lewontin’s argument.
  • an analysis of the ways that Gattaca depicts the concerns that Lewontin expresses, especially discrimination and inequality.

Your paper should be 12-point font, double-spaced, and free of writing errors.

Answer Preview…………….

Eugenics is a controversial topic that revolves around gene improvement for the human population and has shown great prospects in the future. With artificial fertilization possible in the contemporary society, particular desirable traits in human beings are increasingly being sought to allow people to get children with particular traits. For instance, when choosing a sperm donor, some people would wish for particular physical traits, intelligence quotient, and even racial…………………..

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