Film Analysis: Jordan Peele’s Get Out

Film Analysis: Jordan Peele’s Get Out

The term paper must be ten pages in length (not including a title page and a works cited page), typed, and double-spaced. Subject a film of your choice to a rigorous narrative, stylistic, and cultural analysis. Describe how the film uses narrative form and aesthetic-devices (mise-en-scene/cinematography/editing/sound) to construct itself. Does the film rely on authorship for its meaning, or does it derive its meaning from a particular genre, subculture, or star performance?

The movie will be on Jordan Peele’s Get Out

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The film Get Out (2017) is a horror story that was written and directed by Jordan Peele. As his first film to direct, it captures a unique approach to storytelling whereby the issue of racism and scientific innovation are married to bring out the horrific turn of events in what starts out as a love story. In this film, the director presents a fascinating turn of events in a sleeper hit whereby the comic work of Peele are displayed in a small part of the film and psychological hypnosis and scientific innovation are combined to bring out the negative side of the villains in the film. Get Out combines cinematography, style, and culture to effectively elaborate the theme of racism and portray the horror that the vice presents to the society………..

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