Network Design

  1. Complete the thinking outside the box assignment number 2 on page 399 of your textbook (see below) and use the internet to research the capabilities of three different web server technologies.
  2. Write at least a two page paper in current APA format that provides a comparison of the different capabilities of each selected web server, the maximum number of connections each can support, and the amount of network bandwidth needed to fulfill the project requirements.

Your company wants to create a Web server to promote its business. One of the features of the Web server is that it allows remote users to download service bulletins and repair manuals. These bulletins and repair manuals are approximately 240,000 bytes in size. You anticipate that approximately 30 users per hour will want to download these documents. What communications line speed do you need to support this demand?

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Web servers are servers that have the ability to accept HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests from web clients and return same language responses, usually in the form of web pages containing static and dynamic content.  As explained in the definition, the main purpose of any Web server is to give clients access to documents upon request. The first generation Web servers performed this basic function. However, due to the sophistication of the …

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