This paper should be 1 pages in length and may earn up to 50 points. The requirements are:

1. Locate and list the name, address, phone number of three different types of theatres in the Dayton area offering plays you could see during this term. The phone number you list should be the number to call for tickets.

2. You will list a professional theatre, a community theatre and a college theatre. If you don’t know which is which, call and find out. You will list only plays or musical plays being performed. Don’t list instrumental ensembles, art exhibits, stand up comedians, dance performances or operas. If you aren’t sure, call and ask.

3. List the names and dates of the plays each theatre is presenting in September, October and November.


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Theatre industry has been increased its popularity due to the fact that there have been more interest in live shows among the people the people. There are several theatres in the Dayton area where one can go and watch the shows that he wishes to.

The Schuster Centre is showing a play on the Biblical Joseph and his eleven brothers as from October 21-26. The show’s title shall be “JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT.” To get tickets, interested parties should call the number (937) 228-3630.

Brookville Community Theatre is another destination for anyone who wishes to have a theatre experience. “Christmas Belles” is a show that will be presented on September 11-21. For the purposes of tickets, interested parties should call the number, (937) 833-3531 

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