final draft

Create a draft of the final project or presentation that could be made to your supervisor. It should include the following:

A section focusing on the problem addressed by the researchA literature review that includes a minimum of 9 referencesThis section should include summaries of the articles used in the earlier assignments. Support this section by including statistical graphs, tables, and so forth.In addition to the articles discussed in previous weeks, include a brief summary of 3 studies and indicate whether the results correlate or whether the authors promote a causation interpretation.For each of the studies, include a summary indicating how each article contributes to your increased understanding of the problem you chose in Week 1. Include this information in your Key Assignment draft. You will receive feedback on the draft that you can use as you create the final version of the Key Assignment.A recommendation section that could be used as a guide to address the problemThe recommendations made should be supported by the quantitative data found in the articles that you reviewed. Rather than just brain-storming potential solutions, you are offering data-supported research and proven information to your superior.A discussion of how the conclusions of the study can be implemented in your workplaceA description of how you might work with quantitative researchers in the future to assist you with meaningful inquiry and data collection

This assignment can be completed with a 15-page report or a PowerPoint presentation that conveys your findings in 30 slides. Citations and references must be in APA format.

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