Final Paper

Final Paper

Many of the theorists we have read recently believe that corporations can reasonably be expected to take on responsibilities of justice.This prompt invites you to provide an example where this seems to be the case – where a for-profit corporation is also and simultaneously working to promote justice on a local, national, and/or global level.Please draw from theorists we have read recently (Young onwards) to support your positive assessment of the corporation.The corporation need not be perfect: if the corporation is failing in some regard, please note it and offer a recommendation for what it might do instead.

Length:Essays should be approximately 5 pages – no shorter than 1350 words, no longer than 1650 words.Please provide a word count at the top of the first page.Exclude header, footer, and bibliographic information from the word count.

Format:Please double-space, use a standard font setting (e.g., Times New Roman size 12), print single-sided, and staple your pages together.Citations can be in any standard form (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA) so long as they are clear and consistent throughout.

Deadline and submission: The essay is due by 10:30am on Wednesday, 5/8.Please bring a hard-copy to my office and upload an e-version using the turinitin link on blackboard.

This is the details straight from my professor!!

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