Decision Modeling & Analysis

> Final Paper – Bus 461 Decision Modeling & Analysis (7 choices for topic)
> Hi there,
> I have a paper that is due on. Has to be on one of these subjects below. Submit a six to eight-page paper, double spaced (not including the title and reference pages) on one of the major topics listed below. Incorporate at least two related scholarly sources:
> Linear and integer programming modeling
> Network modeling
> Project scheduling modeling
> Time series forecasting
> Inventory
> Queuing modeling
> Simulation modeling
> The paper must (a) identify the main issues in the chosen area, (b) apply and reference new learning to the chosen area, (c) build upon class activities or incidents that facilitated learning and understanding, and (d) present specific current and/or future applications and relevance to the workplace. The emphasis of the paper should be on modeling application, outcomes, and new learning.

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