Final Submission Research Paper: Tesla Inc.

Final Submission Research Paper: Tesla Inc.

Submit the final draft of your research paper. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements listed in the Final Project Document. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.

i have the paper completed just need it put together and reviewed

hello so all 3 milestones are there for my paper the rubric is there also just need the paper put together fully and make sure it has all elements met
simply copy paste all milestones into one file and make sure all elements of the final paper are covered, if anything is missing add.
Make a final outline too.
Answer preview…………

Tesla is a known automotive manufacturer whose motor products have exhibited a high level of innovation since its inception. Tesla Company is recognized globally as one of the biggest companies to engage in the manufacture of electric motors thus providing an excellent example of a case study analysis. Therefore, in this research paper, my primary focus shall be directed towards reviewing the demand and supply aspects of the Tesla Company based the level of sales for both model X and model S. Additionally; the research paper shall identify the cost incurred in manufacturing the two models and the general effect the price has on the consumer. The final analysis shall be an evaluation of the general marketplace, the company’s production costs and other trends in the market……..

 APA 3029  words

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