Fitness and Exercise Design

Fitness and Exercise Design (200 work minimal) (No plagarism…two references….and quality work)

Choose a current health policy issue or law that has ongoing relevance in public health. Some options include, but are not limited to, banning trans fats in local municipalities, controlling the size of sugary drinks sold in restaurants, requiring nutrition information on menus, indoor and outdoor smoking bans, removing sugary drinks from schools, or mandating vaccines for health care workers or children entering school.

Describe why the chosen policies or laws are controversial. In your response, discuss how these policies affect personal autonomy (the cost to the individual) to benefit society. Provide a professional statement* on why these policies and laws are important to the overall health of the community.

*Personal and professional opinions may or may not align. It is very important in your employment to be able to provide a professional opinion, regardless of how it aligns with your personal beliefs. Professional opinions are based in research and fact and reflect the beliefs of the organization as a whole and all those who work for the organization.





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The paper looks at indoor and outdoor smoking bans, which have been made and enacted into law. The smoking ban articulates that smokers should only smoke cigarettes in designated places to prevent harm to others owing to second-hand smoking. The smoking ban is a health policy issue, which aims at reducing the health effect of cigarette smoking that is responsible for many deaths yearly.

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