Foreign country work

Working in a foreign country could have its difficulties.  These difficulties could change if you are there for a short-term assignment as compared to long-term assignment.

•Select a country where you would like to work. List at least 3 concerns that you have of living and working in that culture.

•Also list 3 reasons why you think it would be beneficial to work in that country.

•Lastly, would any of these benefits or concerns change the way you work when you return to a position in the United States?

•This assignment should be 2,000 words, Times New Roman, double-spaced with references.




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Working in foreign countries is one of the most anticipated activities by many US citizens and many workers internationally. Working outside the boarders of one’s mother country opens up new opportunities for new experiences. Working in foreign countries could be met with different circumstances that would make the exercise favorable to the worker or not. Working in foreign countries opens up one to new difficulties and challenges that would make the experience either interesting or bad. However, the influence of such difficulties on one’s …

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