Formal Exploratory Essay

> 7 page paper.  12 hour deadline.
> Here are the instructions:
> The concept of an exploratory essay is that you start without an end in
> mind.
> You don’t necessarily know how you feel about a subject or what you want to
> say about the subject; rather, you allow the research to determine the
> outcome. This is writing *to learn* rather than writing *to prove* what you
> think you know about a given topic.
> *Purpose:* The exploratory essay builds on the inquiry essay by having you
> *examine* and *analyze *a range of arguments (positions) rather than just
> one at a time. The exploratory essay asks you to widen your vision to
> the *whole
> conversation* as opposed to critiquing just one position.
>    – The focus of an exploratory essay is a question, rather than a thesis.
>    – Exploratory essays chronicle your research; they address both
>    content-oriented questions and rhetorical questions about possible
>    responses to the problem under consideration.
>    – Exploratory essays regularly consider the *strengths and weaknesses*
> of
>    various perspectives on and solutions to a perplexing problem.
>    – Exploratory essays *analyze* the claims and evidence of specific
>    individuals and/or organizations that are relevant to the
> decision-making
>    process.  In other words, exploratory essays do not take the time and
>    effort to examine just any argument made about an issue; rather,
>    exploratory essays seeks to* locate *and *identify* specific arguments
>    made by particular individuals and/or organizations who have the *power
>    to affect* or at the very least influence the outcome of an issue in
>    order to understand the complexity of the issue at hand.
>    – Exploratory essays do *not* participate in the conversation by
>    asserting a position; on the contrary, the exploratory essay is an
>    *unbiased*, *objective* *analysis* of the key positions and their
>    arguments regarding the issue.
>    – The exploratory essays relies on the conventions of *rhetorical
>    analysis* in order to examine and critique the arguments others
>    have made regarding the issue under examination.
> In order to fulfill the tasks of the Formal Exploratory Paper, you are to
> write a *seven-page*(minimum) *MLA* formatted essay in which you explore
> the arguments of at least four key contributors to your chosen issue.
> Make certain that these individuals and/or organizations have the power to
> affect or at the very least influence the outcome of your chosen issue.  Do
> *NOT* insert your own opinion of or position on the issue.  Save your own
> argument for the Position Paper.  In order to receive a grade other than a
> 0 for this assignment, you *must not* argue your position at any point and
> you *must include* in-text citations and a works cited page.

> My topic is a BSN degree vs. ADN degree. Must have at least four articles
> with various arguments. You think that you can get a pretty good essay done
> over that? Let me know if you have any questions at all.

preview of the answer..

According to Jeanne Meister, the phrase “corporate university” can be defined as a”…centralized strategic umbrella for the education and development of employees … [which] is the chief vehicle for disseminating an organization’s culture and fostering the development of not only job skills, but also such core workplace skills as learning-to-learn, leadership, creative thinking, and problem solving (Denise.R.Hearn) 

1936 words APA

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