Free Market System for College Athletes

Free Market System for College Athletes

You will write a final term paper for the course, due at the end of the semester. A series of topics and prompts will be provided, although you may write on a topic of their choosing so long as you are able to clearly articulate the thesis that they intend to defend. It is expected that you will aspire to produce a final product that will be approximately 10 pages or approximately 2500 words.

Philosophy papers are not research papers or opinion pieces; they are argumentative essays. It is expected that students will articulate a thesis that they intend to defend and then supply reasons in support of that conclusion. Students should consult the How to Write a Philosophy Paper(document below the description) handout for further guidance here as well as the Final Paper(document below the description) rubric. It is expected that students will make ample use of the text to supply the ethical theory necessary to defend their conclusion, although outside resources are welcome.


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prompt No.8:

  • College football generates almost $500 million a year for institutions and yet the NCAA continues to prohibit colleges from paying athletes. Many observers decry the unfairness of expecting scholarship athletes to generate revenue they do not share, all while they are prohibited from receiving endorsements and cannot control their own image. Critics of the current regimen claim that the NCAA and the college sports establishment exploit players. One proposed solution is to adopt a free market system in which institutions bid for players. Such a scheme would require a third party association representing players to negotiate salary caps and minimums with the NCAA in order to avoid antitrust violations. Schools that can afford it could bid up to get desired players while schools unwilling or unable to spend so much may opt for the less expensive candidates or may decide to join a different division. A free market approach might also cap coach and athletic director salaries, grant players more time to complete their college education, allow players to benefit from endorsements, provide extra benefits like health insurance, and still more. Supporters of the status quo say that a free college education is pay enough for athletes. Should the NCAA adopt a free market system in which institutions bid for athletes? Why or why not? Be sure to defend your answer with reasons.
2500 words on the above prompt
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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) which is the governing body for college athletes has faced sharp criticism regarding the restrictions that it places on the athletes regarding their transfers, payments, and even endorsements. Among these restrictions are the limits on student transfer. While the NCAA has reportedly eased the transfer rules, student-athletes remain largely under the control of the association and their freedom to transfer from one school to the other is limited. The argument of whether the NCAA should allow schools to bid for players openly revolves around the questions of justice, the harm done to student-athletes, and the virtue associated with both actions. The NCAA should adopt a free market system in which institutions bid for athletes because it will allow fairness in athlete compensation, allow them to grow their careers better, and reduce corruption scandals in the transfer deals………

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