Fundamentals of IT ( Discussion 7)

Fundamentals of IT ( Discussion 7)

Discussion 7

Social Media used every day in today’s society. When the consumer has a positive or negative experience it is often tweeted and posted out within seconds and view by hundreds or even thousands. Facebook posts and Twitter tweets can have a very positive effect on a business. On the other hand, such posts and tweets can have a negative effect on a business. Share with your classmates how social media can have a positive or negative effect on a business and how it might affect potential customer.


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Social media initially started as a platform for interaction and creating friendships. Currently, it has advanced to appoint of being used for business purposes. Social media spread all over the world and connected people from different nations (Cao, Ajjan, Hong & Le, 2018). The business sector could not be left behind by this wave of social media, and it had to utilize the opportunity. This paper seeks to explain the pros and cons of utilizing social media for………………….

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