G125/HUM2023 Section 06 Humanities

G125/HUM2023 Section 06 Humanities

PART A – Thesis Statement and Outline

This project should reflect your understanding of these figures and their artistic flare that made them stand out among the rest. Make sure you create an outline to reflect these details. Based on research–explain how the earlier figure has influenced the current figure, and analyze how those contributions reflected the culture of each era.

PART B – Comparative Analysis

This paper should be written in traditional research paper format, should include the same two figures in PART A (one from the past and one figure from the present, or a completely different era from the other), and should compare and contrast their achievements.

See attached document

You have the liberty to choose any two figures (people) you wanted to.   


Answer Preview……………..

  1. Introduction (Please elaborate on each point. At least 2-3 sentences.)

For this outline, the selected historical figure selected is Leonardo Da Vinci and  Pablo Picasso. The two are among the most famous historical figure in history. Despite their existence in two different eras, they still are prominent in the current age. Leonardo is the historical figure who existed in around the 16th century, while the modern artist is Picasso, who existed around the 20th……………………..

APA 1081 words

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