Generating a Policy Proposal

> Although some states and cities have passed laws to ban texting and using
> handheld phones while driving, there is no current law to ban all cell
> phone use while driving. However, according to the National Safety Council
> (2009), 28 percent of all crashes–1.6 million per year–are caused by cell
> phone use and texting by drivers. The mission of a new national nonprofit
> organization called FocusDriven, patterned after Mothers Against Drunk
> Driving, is to make phone use while driving as illegal and socially
> unacceptable as drunk driving. US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood
> supports FocusDriven and its efforts: According to the *Pittsburgh
> Post-Gazette,* LaHood said this movement will become “an army of people
> traveling the countryside” to push for bans on cell phone use and tough
> enforcement (Schmit, 2010).
> As a political advocate interested in this issue, you will be writing a
> policy proposal that utilizes the current research to propose a solution to
> the issue and submit it in this assignment.
> Please note that your proposal is *not* an opinion/position paper, and your
> conclusions need to be based on the scientific research you reviewed
> earlier. Please follow the typical steps in proper academic writing
> (planning, outlining, drafting, revising, proofing, and editing) to
> generate the following proposal structure:
> *Introduction*
> In the introduction, you should set up the purpose for the proposal,
> provide a bit of background on the topic, and present your thesis.
> *Policy*
> Now that you have researched a variety of studies (in *M4: Assignment 2*),
> compile that information together to create a recommendation for policy
> makers regarding cell phone use while driving.
> 1: In a one-page summary, compare and contrast the results of the various
> studies regarding the cognitive abilities that are affected during cell
> phone use while driving.
> 2: Using that research, develop and explain particular recommendations for
> policy makers. For instance, restrict texting, or regulate the use of
> hand-held phones. All your recommendations must be supported by your
> research findings.
> 3: Based on the gaps in current research, describe the variables,
> populations, and situations which you would like to see future research
> address.
> *Conclusion*
> Review the important current research, your conclusions from that research,
> and how the future could look in both policy and research. Keep your goal
> in mind: To convince the reader to support your current policy proposal and
> future research to examine this issue more closely.
> Your proposal should be written in APA style (which includes a title page
> with running header and a reference page), and free of typographical and
> grammatical errors. The body of your proposal should be 4-5 pages long.

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