Geography of Latin America Essay part 1

Geography of Latin America Essay part 1

. The policies of both Import-Substitution Industrialization and Neoliberalism strongly influenced the urban geography of Latin America, but in profoundly different ways. First, differentiate between the two policies and then compare and contrast their effects on urban areas, including the distribution of cities as well as what is occurring within cities. Be sure to include ALL of the following terms/concepts in your answer:
• urban growth
• overurbanization
• urban primacy
• informal sector (housing/employment)
• squatter settlements/favelas
• privatization
• gender
• secondary cities.
When using these terms, be sure they are put in bold. If not, points will be deducted.


2pg single spaced

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Import- substitution industrialization (ISI) refers to an economic and trade policy which advocates replacing imported goods and services with domestic production. This policy is based on the fact that a country should always strive to reduce its dependence on foreign products through local productions. Most Latin American nations have implemented this policy with an aim of producing development and self-sufficiency through creating an internal market (Harvey, 2007). This policy works through enabling the state to take charge of economic growth and development through subsidization of key industries, nationalization, highly protectionist trade initiatives and increased taxation. The ISI policy was however abandoned in most developed nations during the 1980s and 1990s as a result of insistence of the World Bank and IMF.

            Neoliberalism refers..

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