Geography:South and East Asia 250 Words and Two Responses with 100 Words

Geography:South and East Asia 250 Words and Two Responses with 100 Words

Topic 1. South and East Asia in the News

For this forum, find a recent news article (within the past 12 months) that describes the latest developments in a conflict, issue, or other major event in this the South or East Asian realm. Provide a brief summary of the conflict/issue/event that your article describes, and your own analysis of how this issue might affect the realm, and might be resolved. Be sure that the topic of the news article has some connection with the geographical issues and concepts we’ve been discussing, and be sure to highlight these connections in your discussion.

Remember that your article summary must be in your own words to avoid plagiarism.

make your initial post to the above discussion question, 250 words, refs and cite
reply to each student in 100 words, label each

Answer Preview…………….

This week I have chosen to discuss the topic of deforestation in Southeast Asia. This region is located in the tropics and has one of the densest covers of forest in the world. Also, being in the tropics, it is the habitat for rich biodiversity. However, as Victor (2017) observes, due to increasing human population and the deforestation rates in the region are higher than anywhere else only seconded by Latin America and then Africa. This observation is further…………………….

APA 551 words

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