Global Marketing Plan

Global Marketing Plan

Based on AIRBNB in UK

Please combine all four essay into one. Please make sure it in order and u can see its labeled in the file name which is in order.

Submit your final Global Marketing Plan. Make sure you properly cited, formatted and checked your matching score.

just combine all the essay into one and add couple page more along with it. total- 12 to 16 pages combined.


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Global Marketing Plan

Company Description


Airbnb, Inc. is an internet-based marketplace for offering and arranging tourism, homestays or lodging experiences. The company only links clients and service providers and does not own any of the stated real estate listings or events hosted. The company only receives commissions on each successful transaction and booking. It was founded in 2008 by Joe Gennia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk (“About Us – Airbnb Newsroom”, 2019). The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California, where it was founded………………………

APA 4634 words

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