Is global warming real or “political science”

Write a five-page, thesis-driven essay that discusses one of the following topics: (1) human beings are essentially good (or evil) (or self-interested); (2) is global warming real or “political science”?; (3)  funding space exploration is worth the cost (or it isn’t); or (4) a topic of your choice. Your thesis must be approved by the professor. You must reference at least (1) four of the written or visual texts from RW that we’ve discussed and that support your thesis; and (2) at least three additional, properly vetted outside sources. Note: You must integrate at least one properly vetted quote, statistic, or example per paragraph. Note: You must also use both MLA-style in-text citations and provide a Works Cited page. You do not need a cover sheet or an Abstract.
Remember a thesis statement must be debatable.

§  You will lose five points if your papers aren’t formatted properly. (see below)
All written submissions must look like this: 12-point Times New Roman font, normal margins, not justified, and double-spaced, with no extra space between the paragraphs. (To eliminate the extra space in Word: control A/right click/select paragraph/tick the box that says “Don’t add space…”) All submissions should have an engaging title. Your name and page number should appear on every page. All citations and works-cited pages must be in proper MLA-style format; for an example, consult 02

*** this is the thesis statement needs to be used. Needs to be done 5 hours from now. The comparison of responses to the occurrence of natural disasters across the globe with statistical findings and scientific research has revealed a striking fact about global warming; it is just ‘political science’.
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