Globalization of Sports

Globalization of Sports

GEOG 270



This is your opportunity to select a topic of interest to you and to explore it in depth.The general guidelines for the selection of your topic are that 1) it should be relevant to sports geographies; 2) it should be connected to place(s); 3) it can not replicate what we have covered in class, although you are welcome to choose to engage more deeply with any of the topics we have discussed or explore how these processes play out in other places.

Due Monday, April 8 (if you want feedback by Friday, April 12) or Friday, April 12 for feedback by Friday, April 19.You MUST turn in a hard copy and upload a readable electronic version to the D2L dropbox.

  • At the top, provide a one-sentence summary of your proposed topic.Put this statement in bold and underline any key terms (including the place(s) you intend to focus on).
  • Next, provide a statement of why this is of interest to you.
  • Write a two to three paragraph overview of the question you’re exploring.Include a statement of why this is of interest to you and note what you might expect to find.
  • What, if anything, do you hope to find out?
  • Provide a list of at least 3 sources.At least one of these must be a scholarly source, but these may include archives and data banks as well as popular sources and websites.For each source, write a sentence or two explaining why you selected it.
  • Briefly (a sentence is enough) explain how you intend to present this project – options include but are not limited to a traditional academic paper (1200-1500 words – 4-6 pages), a website, an art project or presentation, a screenplay …..If you are doing anything other than a traditional academic paper, you will be asked to write a short accompanying essay explaining how your project represents the information you gathered and analyzed.

Due Wednesday, April 24:An outline of your project with a “final” list of sources, and any updates on how your project has changed.

Due Friday, May 3, 10am:Your final paper or project (note that this is the day of the final)

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