GMO in Health and Medicine

GMO in Health and Medicine

I would like you to write a research paper about GMOs. I would like you to use three or more references. Start by explaining what is GMOs and Please take a stance on the benefits and medical cons. The paper should be two and half pages just writing. and a pages for the references. APA STYLE. (12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced). Give me you thoughts as well what do you think in a paragraph.

Remember, The GMOs in health and medicine

refs and cite


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Genetically Modified Organisms are those whose genetic content has been altered in unnatural ways that do not involve mating or natural recombination (Hug, 2007). Genetically modified organisms are formed from Biotechnology Engineering, using gene-splicing-inserting fragments of DNA from the genes of one organism to the chromosomes of the other organism, which alters its genetic make-up. Genetic Engineering is intensively used in the areas of the animal as well as plant Biotechnology to improve on the amount and quality of agricultural produce, in the pharmaceutical industry as well as environmental applications. GMO’s foods were first considered as a breakthrough in the field of Biotechnology; however, there have been..

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