Goal Setting Theory

Goal Setting Theory

Literature Review

I need to complete a multi-stage literature on a historical or comparative topic relevant to the issues and practices of leadership and management. The assignment will culminate in a 11 pages Literature Review in current APA format, with a minimum of 15 references. Using your own words. I already have done the Annotated Bibliography, you can use the articles and cite them as well. The documents are the Annotated Bibliography and the references.

Topic: Goal-Setting Theory

Three aspects: In the workplace, sports, and individual mission, 8 pages

Counterargument: Shortcoming of Goal-Setting Theory, 1page

Refutation: 1page

Conclusion: 1page

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MGMT516  11 pages, Double Spacing

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People set goals to help guide their activities and ensure that they attain the level of success that is expected them either at home, work, or play. As a concept that is used to ensure that several vital matters of the life of a person are handled consistently, and without issues, the setting of goals remained a critical element in the pursuit of excellence in any human endeavor (Alispahić, 2013). The goal setting theory is a framework that several research studies have shown to be a useful tool for helping humans improves the level of performance and productivity (Toaddy, 2015). The underlying principles of this theory are using psychological instruments that align the focus and psyche of the individual towards the targets and expectations that illustrate the attainment of success. Therefore, the application of the goal-setting theory is seen in the workplace where managers and supervisors use the principles to increase the productivity of their team members in the same manner as the coaching team ensures their players perform at the peak levels (Dishman, Vandenberg, Motl, Wilson, and Dejoy, 2009)……..

 APA 3934 words

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