Going Global

Going Global


this is all the assignment:


Post the graphic of your Blue Ocean strategy map that will be part of your final presentation.

This is a continuation of task, task 2 and task 3, same company
You need to create a Blue Ocean strategy map for the company, Google on sample Blue Ocean strategy maps to get an idea and make something relevant
Answer Preview……………

Implementation Plan. In the map, there are a lot of factors to consider for the organization to realize the profit in the market. First, the organization has to check on the buyer utility. In this case, it consider if the organization has potential buyers who can buy products continuously from the company without running at a deficit. Before starting the business, the organization needs to have that target so that goods are introduced in the market yet the buyers are not there. Also, it is important to set the price which favors all the buyers. When price is higher than the living standards of the people around, most of the products will not be bought. On the other hand, when it is low, there will be a perception that the products are of low quality. For this matter therefore, the price should be set averagely so that mass buyers are attained and attracted in the organization………………

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