Governance and Administration of Sport

Big Assignment

Current issue (exec summary) – choose an issue facing a sport manager that is of particular interest. Read 8 readings and summarize. Readings may be from newspaper, research articles, interest, journals, books or magazines. Each summary, double space and no more than three pages. Include: summary of topic/ application to sport managers (issues & actions)/ student personal response/ copies of the eight articles.

Current theories of leadership pertaining to sport

Ethical issue facing sport today

Legal issue facing sport today

Specific economic of financial concerns for sport/ amateur/ interscholastic/intercollegiate/professional

Event management or risk management concerns



preview of the answer..

One of the many issues that face sports manager is bad relationship with specific players. A success sports management is often characterized with ups and downs including poor relationship with some players. This makes the management of the specific sports team difficult and challenging for the manager. As a result, the team’s performance is negatively affected and the management career of the sports manager begins a downward trend. This paper discusses the problem in detail and how it influences the success of a sports team and a sports manager…

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