GPS Tracker for School Children: Pricing Strategy

GPS Tracker for School Children: Pricing Strategy

Based on this week’s readings (Chapters 10, 20) we start to delve into a critical part of the marketing process known as the “5 P’s”. Now that each group has landed on their product/service, let’s discuss how you will determine the pricing.

Groups are encouraged to use the other groups as research tools. Price is the value an individual sees in a product or service. Using this as a basis, ask members of different groups, “Would you pay $x amount for this product/service? Would you pay more or less? How much more or less?”

Using this forum as a type of “market research” along with information you gather about your competitors pricing structure should guide you in determining the appropriate price.

Initial discussion post is due no later than Thursday at midnight. At least 2 peer replies are due no later than Sunday at midnight. NO discussion posts will be accepted after midnight of that week.


Marketing 12 Edition: 12TH 19 New Edition ISBN 13: 978-1-337-40758-8 ISBN 10: 1-337-40758-5

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our group topics is GPS tracker for school children, so use this as the product

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