The greatness of Theodore Roosevelt

US History


1.Explain the greatness of Theodore Roosevelt (make sure to include the building of the Panama Canal, winning the Nobel Peace Prize, The Three C’s)


2. Select two business leaders and two inventors and discuss what they did and accomplished in creating the modern American industrial landscape


3. Pretend you have taken a ride in a time machine back to New York City circa 1900. Tell me about your experience. what did you see and do? What were the key issues of the day (your adventure should include specific factual information)


4.Profile the following four individuals who helped to reshape America from 1867-1912. They are as follows – Samuel Gompers, Booker T. Washington, Ida B Wells, and Jacob Riis.

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Theodore Roosevelt was born in 1919, and was often referred to as teddy by his peers. He was statesman, author, naturalist and a reformer who served as the 26th president of the United States at the age of 42. He was a leading force in the progressive era. Roosevelt tried as much as possible to embrace a strenuous lifestyle and successful regained his health..

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