The greedy Business Owner versus the abused worker

The greedy Business Owner versus the abused worker:

In a common portrayal of business, you are to Write 1-2 paragraphs describing your assessment of both sides of the following situations, and your recommendation as both the business owner and then as the worker:

  • You are working in one of the many southern Asian countries, where violations of the health and work codes are common. However, many factories have shown improvements in working conditions due to pressure from buyers and are starting to get better buyers but at an increased labor cost.
  • Violations regarding maximum work hours are found in many companies, and especially those in third-world countries.
  • Workers are not aware of their rights. Unions may offer worker protection, but at a cost. Some companies have started programs at at worker health and happiness and to discuss national labor laws.
  • Pay at least the minimum wage.

In answering all these situations, the overall length shall be 3-4 pages, APA formatted, citing at least 3 references in support of your paper.

preview of the answer..

Violations of work and health are very common in the southern Asia countries. This is attributed mainly to the greediness of the employers who are not ready to create a better working environment foe the employees they have. At the same time, the rule of law in the region has been viewed to ignore the rights of the workers and for that matter they are helpless and got no one to fight their battles. They are then left helpless and in a state where they are not able to air their issues and all this are in an attempt to ensure that they are able to put food on the table for their families..

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