The GUI versus the Command Line

The GUI versus the Command Line

The GUI versus the Command Line”  Please respond to the following:

  • Use the Internet to research the long standing debate of the “GUI versus the Command Line”. Based on your research and what you have learned so far in this class, provide your opinion on the matter. Explain which one (1) you believe is more powerful. Justify your response.
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The command-line interface, or CLI, is a technique to interact with a computer using text commands. A graphical user interface (GUI), on the other hand, enables a user to communicate with the computer with the use of a mouse or a keyboard to control visual elements on the screen. The CLI allows the user to customize commands using specific parameters to manipulate the computer’s function more precisely (Null & Lobur, 2006). The command line is faster than the GUI. However, it is more complex than the GUI and needs the memorization of many commands. It is for this reason that professionals and advanced users prefer the command line…

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