Guilt and Trauma in O’Brien’s The Things They Carried

Guilt and Trauma in O’Brien’s The Things They Carried


Write a research paper of  six pages only, that you have developed out of your reading from “The Things They Carried” Use 8 scholarly sources to illuminate your particular aspect of the chosen story. For example, you might examine a question about the roles and the rights of women in the era of the book. The goal is to investigate some of the context of the work and to integrate the sources along with interpretation to address questions that arise in the reading the work. Include citation page, MLA format

Include annotated bibliography of the 8 sources separately on another page. It is an expanded work cited. For each source provide a brief summary and explain if the source was useful and why. MLA format, the annotated bibliography submit on a separate word document, at most 100 words per source or less


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O’Brien presents a different approach to war from the conventional approaches which always paint war as hell and unpleasant. While he does not refute that, The Things They Carried is a story of its kind that outlines the lives of men during the war and the ambiguous states of the war. The main question that arises when one is reading the text is who should be blamed for war and atrocities committed during it. One can always blame the warring countries and their leadership for the problems that war brings but O’Brien’s novel provides a different approach to guilt and blame during and after the war. In O’Brien’s novel, the experiences of soldiers in war bring out a version of themselves that attempts to deal with guilt in the only way possible in their case and that is avoidant behavior that they show in dealing with trauma. It is evident that every character that O’Brien presents in his novel is faced with guilt and looking for someone to blame for the same. The soldiers are carrying a lot in their minds and these things are causing guilt in them. However, the author presents a funny way of placing the…………..

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