The abusive and addictive nature of hallucinogens can sometimes be hard to understand for individuals who are not prone to addiction or who have never used them. What aspects of hallucinogen use did you find most intriguing? Why do you believe there is such a strong connection between hallucinogen use and spirituality? How can Christian spirituality be of benefit when working with someone who is struggling with the use of this class of drug

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The effect of hallucinogens on a person’s brain is one of the intriguing aspects I discovered about this these drugs.  These drugs alter the manner in which a person perceives reality. In some occasions, these drugs change a person’s other senses. Here, these drugs distort a person’s sensory perception and other somatic effects. The other aspect I discovered was the cross-tolerance these drugs exhibited. Under this aspect, a user of hallucinogenic drugs usually develops tolerance to these drugs the more he..

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