Essay must be 6pgs

Topic is a researched literary analysis of Hamlet.

The essay must contain a thesis that offers your interpretation of the work’s theme. This interpretation is your basic claim, or argument, which you will then support with evidence in the body paragraphs.

Essay must provide evidence in the form of direct quotations from Hamlet. The main support for your claim will come from Hamlet.

You must also incorporate four secondary sources (all scholarly sources- articles from peer reviewed journals or books published by an academic press). These secondary sources will provide some support for your claims as well as alternate views that contradict your claims. Consider your essay to be a defense of your own argument regarding your chosen work of literature, an argument in which you enter into the “conversation” already going on about Hamlet. Don’t be afraid to include alternate views and respond to them. Successful incorporation of and response to a counterargument can strengthen an essay.

Do not provide mere summaries, either of Hamlet or your secondary sources.

Essay must be in proper MLA format and use MLA documentation (including in-text citations and Works Cited page)





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The tragedy of Hamlet or the prince of Denmark entails the tragedy that was written by William Shakespeare in 1599. The movie was shot in the Kingdom of Denmark to dramatize the revenge of Prince Hamlet from instructions to enact his uncle Claudius. Claudius killed his own brother and continued to seize the throne of his father before marrying his deceased brother’s widow or rather Hamlet’s mother named Getrude …

1666 words APA

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