Hamlet-Critical Lens Analysis

Instructions : I chose Hamlet and the Oedipus complex between Ophelia, revenge for Claudius, and his interest in his mother. Thanks :))
I need in text citations from the book and another website course with an MLA works cited page.

English 12

Hamlet-Critical Lens Analysis

Weight: Major Writing Assignment

Students will know…

·      Psychological concepts applicable to psychological criticism (e.g., id-ego-superego, oedipal conflict, death drive, repression).

·      Critical literary theories that shape arguments for a particular interpretation of a text.

·      What constitutes “evidence” in a literary analysis.

Students will be skilled at…

·      Applying psychological concepts to the analysis of a literary character.

·      Writing arguments that support claims about a text based on valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.

·      Conducting research to answer a self-generated question and synthesize multiple sources to produce coherent analysis.

Description of Paper

For this assignment, you will choose one of the following main characters:

Hamlet              Polonius            Laertes         Ophelia          Claudius                Gertrude

Then, you will:

·           observe your character’s mental state and relationships with other characters

·           conduct research into critical studies of the play and its characters

·           write a paper that analyzes your character’s mental state

·           cite evidence from the play and from relevant secondary sources to support your thesis

Paper Requirements:

Bottom Line: From a psychological perspective, what can we, as readers, understand about your character and in turn the play as a whole?

·           Thesis statement that identifies your character and psychological terms addressed

·           3-5 typed pages

·           MLA format (including works cited)

·           Use of 2 sources:

o   Hamlet

o   one piece of literary criticism that uses a psychological lens

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preview of the answer..

This essay explores Hamlet, a play by William Shakespeare. It follows and analysis who Hamlet’s mindset changes from emotionalism to rationalism. As the play progresses, Hamlet becomes more and more rational thus drifting from being emotional.

When Hamlet was still a young boy, several of his traits indicate that he was drowning in a sea of emotions. This changes little by little as the play progress and he gains an amount of insight and experience that makes him to start acting maturely. His maturity is reflected from his words and actions in the play, which enables him to act upon his thoughts. In conclusion, Hamlet moves towards rationality drifting from emotionalism as he grows and as the play progresses …

886 words APA

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